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Frequently asked questions???

The whole process follows the below steps

  • You book or register for the service.
  • Our representative will call you and inquire about the package details such as weight and dimensions and origin and destination pincodes depending on the volumetric weight you will get know the final rate.
  • Once you are okay with the rates we will send you a payment link once paid you will receive a label from us and pickup will be arranged for today or tomorrow.
  • Now all you need to do is a buy an envelop or a cardboard box for your package and paste the label on the package.
  • Our courier guys will pick the package from your home.


Once you book and pay for the courier we will generate a label or a sticker which will have Barcode for tracking purpose.
We will share this label with you on email or on whatsapp all you need to do is

  1. Take a printout of the Label
  2. past it on the cardboard/package

Failing todo so will create problem for tracking your courier.


We will contact you to your registered number a guaranteed call back within 30 min.
Once we call you these are the information you can expect from us

1. Exact amount of the Courier 
2. Procedure that you need to follow to arrange a smooth Pickup
3. Information regarding label
4. Information regarding cardboardbox
5. Pickup information 
6. OTP for mobile number verification


Once you have paid you will receive a label from our team. All you need to do now is to pack it with appropriate package.
If you are couriering some documents you need to put the document in a proper envelop and paste the label on the envelop.
If your are couriering a package you need to buy a appropriate cardboard box and put your things and paste the label on the box.   


That’s a pretty common scenario nobody will have a weighing machine in their can get it weighed from a local shop, that will give you accurate weight of your parcel.

If you can’t do that you can approximately put the weight, by comparing your package to the weight of known items, you can put 1kg extra than you measure. If your weight is found greater than you inputted while ordering then you have to pay an extra amount.

refer to the below table and add 20 grams for the envelop. that will be your package weight



Till someone invents teleportation, courier through us!!!

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