Pack.. Ship.. Earn..

India's first peer to peer logistic Company..

Whats there in it for you??
-Earn 15K-30K Rs While travelling
-Transport Document
-Free travel around the world

Join our hands to transform logistics

Become a member of growing cult!!

Earn minimum of 15,000 Rs-30,000 Rs just by carrying  Documents.

Become a part of the future!!

How does it work??

Every day millions of documents are couriered from India to other parts of the world. 

Help us in transferring these documents  to their destination and earn by doing so!!

All you need to do is receive the documents from us check the content and ship it..


How safe is it?

All the documents that you receive will go through series of tests to remove all the undesired items.

We will provide a chance for you to review the contents of the package that you receive so that you can be confident about the content.


01 – Register your travel date
Provide all your travel Details
Travel Date, Boarding City, Destination Etc..

02 – We will verify your details
This is required for authenticity check
Your details will be verified by our Team

03 – Receive the package before the travel date
You can either pick up or ask for drop off
Receive the documents prior to travel date

04 – Carry the documents with you
put the documents in your carry/checkin bag safely
Safety of the documents is atmost priority

05 – Courier the documents
Either do dropoff or ask for a pickup
It’s up to your convenience

06 – Every courier will be paid for
We will provide the labeled courier
So you don’t need to spend a penny

07 -Receive the final amount
Once the courier is done agreed amount
will be deposited to you 

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